Luberetta Portable 15ml Chain Lube Dispenser

Product Code: RYLUBE

No mess or wastage.
Patented silicon dispenser puts a drop on each link.
Holds 15ml of chain lube.
Surface tension keeps lube inside applicator spout.
Dirt removing fins with silicon dispenser and chain guide.
Unscrew cap and reservoir.
Fill reservoir with lube.
Screw applicator back onto reservoir.
Wipe down chain before lubing as excess dirt can inhibit movement.
Hold applicator by the reservoir.
Place on lower chain at an angle.  With your free hand slowly back pedal. Lightly squeeze reservoir and the Luberetta dispenses a single drop of lube on each chain link. 
Narrow chains (9 to 12 speed) will easily glide through the Luberetta.
Adjust your grip and pressure according to the chain width.
When finished remove silicone dispenser from the applicator by pressing grey tabs.
Wash with degreaser and water then clip back in.
Note when screwing the applicator to the reservoir or cap back on do not over tighten as this may strip the thread.