Fastr X - Black Label - 20"x1.6"

Product Code: TFXBL16

The FASTR-X is our most versatile race tire to date. Increased strategical placement of Grip-Pods matched to multi-facet Nano Knobs on shoulder and sides, capped off with friction enhancing chemical etching over the central tread, FASTR-X strikes the rarefied balance of speed and control like none before.

Black Label Series
Black Label starts with tultra-lightweight CYLEX 120 TPI casing and adds AvntGUARD, a special bead-to-bead membrane applied within the casing for enhanced cut and abrasion protection while retaining the tire’s buttery smooth suppleness. Special PneuMax coating inside the tire accepts high-pressures up to 110 PSI. Lightweight folding bead only.

Which to choose?
For most economical choice, go with STANDARD level tyres. Riders seeking lightest weight possible, Tioga's S-SPEC tyres are the lightest race tyres on the planet. Riders running high-pressure (up to 110 PSI) and seeking the most advanced tyre features, there’s only one – BLACK LABEL
• CYLEX 120 TPI Ultralight casing 
• PneuMax 110 PSI High-pressure Casing
• AvntGUARD Cut Protection Layer
• UTC Rubber Compound
• Folding Bead
• Grip-Pods: Pressure-sensitive traction system featuring sticky bristle knobs encased within a recess enabling an ultra-low tread profile with traction coming alive through applied force. Grip-Pods activate automatically with natural riding motion for on-demand traction with minimal disruption to forward momentum.
• Chemical Etching On Tread: Special chemical surface etching applied to centre tread creates fine surface texture that enhance traction on wider variety of track surfaces.
• Multi-Facet Nano Knobs: Nano knobs in varying angles, shapes, and sizes strategically integrated within the outer tread zones provide additional traction on track surfaces with loose fine grains.
• Size: 20"x1.6"

Who rides Tioga? 
TIOGA Proudly supports local, regional, and international riders of all levels. Our products are race proven by some of the fastest racers in the world.
UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Tour
Chase BMX  J&R Bicycles Race Team YESS BMX Factory Team German National Team
Rift Factory Team Royalty Factory Team Full Tilt Factory Team Canadian National Team
DHR/USA Cycling Jr Devo Team Laura Smulders Racing SpeedCo Factory Team Russian National Team
Dutch National Team 
Marina Pajon  Connor Fields Joris Daudet  Billy Griggs
Anthony Dean  Sylvain Andre Laura Smulders Jeff Upshaw
Tory Nyhaug Romain Mahieu Jelle Van Gorkom Donny Robinson
Dani George Sophia Foresta Mika Shaw Cole Tesar
Merle Van Benthem Federico Villegas Jay Shippers Tanner Sebesta
Tyler Brown James Palmer Niek Kimmann Dave Van Der Burg
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