Earshots Wireless Earphones - Earlock Technology

Product Code: ESHOT

RRP $199.00
Earshots have solved the problem of earphones dislodging or falling out while out riding on the trails or tracks. Earshots have engineered the solution through their patented EARLOCK™ technology - a Magnetic Earclip that safely and comfortably provides an unshakable lock to your ear. So they'll never come off during the fastest descents, the toughest climbs or the biggest back flips.

Wireless earphones powered by Bluetooth 5.2
IPX4 waterproof
1 Year full replacement warranty

What's in the box
Earshots (Left and right)
Charge Case
USB-C Charge Cord

Absolute speech clarity.  Supports very low frequencies, to prevent boomy content masking speech and slight emphasis toward mid and high frequency that improves the clarity of subtle verbal cues. 
Purposely designed so important audio cues are not blocked out.
14.2mm Titanium coated speaker.
Audio frequency response range: 60hz to 24khz.
Support for 24bit/96kHz high resolution audio.
Pressurised rear acoustic chamber with dual ports for mid-range bleeding.
Helmholtz resonator. 
Support for Qualcomm aptX™ audio.
Qualcomm 5141 amplifier.

Fit and comfort
5 Earbud position settings.
Earshots Shocklock magnetic earclip.
Non-occluding earbud.

Bluetooth 5.2 30m range.
Qualcomm true wireless mirroring.

Earbuds battery
Battery range of 8-10 hours dependant on codec and volume.
3.7V lithium ion battery.

Charge case battery
150 hours of stored power.
1500mAh lithiumion battery.
Fast charge - 15 minutes of charge will give you 3 hours or run/ride time.
Single touch button illuminates charge lights showing 30%, 60% or 100% charge level.