Chain - X Series 10 Speed Narrow 1/2" x 11/128" eBike

Product Code: E10

RRP $164.99
Ebike motors generate tremendous force to the chain. KMC e-Bike cahins offer unparalleled tensile strength of over 1000kgf, exceeding international standards by over 30%. With KMC patented riveting system we have achieved leading pin power of 450kgf enabling riders to overcome rugged trails and difficult shifting situations with ease and confidence.
Extra stretch proof mushroomed pin
Triple X-Durability
MissingLink CL 566 non-reusable.
Highest Pin Power.
Specially designed for use in combination with strong mid motors e-Bikes.
Optimised pinpower and unsurpassed durability
Hi-Torsion Resistance.
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