Glove - Chemistry - Large

Product Code: UGCHBKL

Extensive rider feedback has developed a new generation of comfortable and protective gloves that stand out from the crowd. Control is everything in MTB so we’ve eliminated distractions where they’re not needed and added extra flex where movement is paramount. Premium construction materials ensure a glove that is stronger and lasts longer.
Rapid-Dry Material
A custom fabric designed to keep the rider dry and cool on any trail.

Light-Weight Materials And Construction
Barely-there feel for ultimate control of the components.

High-Peformance Fabric 
2-Way stretch fabrics flexes with your hand, perfect for the unpredictable and instinctive nature of MTB.
Clarino synthetic leather palm is over 30% stronger than traditional leather ensuring premium protection and longevity.
Material: 30% Clarino synthetic leather, 20% Lycra, 48% Two way span, 2% Neoprene

Traction Grip
Custom sticky patches on palm and fingers ensure a slip-free grip on the controls.

Slim fit flex glove with adjustable stretch moulded Velcro cuffs.