• Azur Warmer Range launches for 2018

Azur Warmer Range launches for 2018

Azur Warmer Range launches for 2018

We are very excited to launch the range of Azur warmers for 2018. This latest offering is by far our best yet, with garments made from Artica, the very latest in techno-fabrics. Artica is the latest innovation in techno-fabrics sourced from Carvico Fabrics in Italy.

The technicians at Carvico know that air has excellent insulating properties, so when they realised that a key feature of a polar bears coat is that each strand of fur is hollow to trap air for insulation, they were inspired to replicate this in a performance sport fabric.

The microfilaments that make up the Artica fabric are actually hollow, and just like the polar bears fur, the air trapped within gives the garment extraordinary thermal insulation.

The fabric in each garment in the Azur warmer range consists of polyamide on the outside of the fabric, and a polyester yarn on the inside. The polyester readily absorbs moisture but the polyamide does not. So the polyester fibres against the skin absorb sweat, and the polyamide fibres allow the sweat to quickly evaporate leaving the fabric feeling light and dry.  

Artica hollow yarn fabric weighs 25% to 30% less than standard fabric does, and also has a 50+ ultraviolet protection factor. Artica also provides maximum freedom of movement with its multidirectional stretch.

Each garment in the 2018 Azur range feels light but warm, and breathes without restricting your movement on the bike. With Azur warmers, every day is a great day to ride!